Saturday, 7 July 2012

Rid the Elephant Elbows

After many years of smugly sauntering around with super smooth elbows, it seems the inevitable has happened. I'm not entirely sure when, where or how (some ghastly little goblins, per chance?) but now I have been left with dry, cracked (and occasionally itchy) elbows. Just think of the fake tan disasters...

*Cue the dramatic music* Together we shall rid the curse of the elephant elbow.

Yes ladies, (and you dry-elbowed gents) I have been on a one-woman mission to fix this conundrum. Foot cream, intensive moisturiser, cocoa-butter body scrubs... you name it, it's been slapped on my 'bows in a crazed fashion.

The best product (by a country mile) is Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant, 50ml, available from Boots for £25.00. Although it claims to be a cream, it is actually more like a healing balm. Boy oh boy, it's good. I gently rubbed a pea-shaped amount onto each elbow before bedtime, and come morning a miracle had happened. Redness reduced, lizard-skin removed, and mr flaky had packed his bags and gone on his jollies. Perfect!

Share your top tips for banishing elephant elbows below...

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